Partnership Agreement Template Charity

When running a charity or non-profit organization, it’s important to have a solid partnership agreement in place. This agreement can help ensure that all parties involved in a partnership understand their roles and responsibilities, and it can also help safeguard the mission and values of the charity.

A partnership agreement template can be a helpful tool in achieving this. Here are some key components you should consider including in your template:

1. Purpose of the Partnership: Clearly define the purpose of the partnership between your charity and the other organization(s) involved. This section should outline the objectives, goals, and expected outcomes of the partnership.

2. Governance and Management: This section should outline the roles and responsibilities of each partner. It’s important to clarify who is responsible for what, and how decisions will be made. You should also include any relevant legal requirements here, such as compliance with charity regulations or tax laws.

3. Financial Arrangements: This section should outline how funds will be raised, managed, and distributed. It should also include details on how expenses will be reimbursed, and any rules around financial reporting and transparency.

4. Intellectual Property: This section should outline how intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents, will be managed and protected. It should also include provisions for sharing resources such as branding, marketing materials, and other assets.

5. Duration and Termination: Specify how long the partnership will last and the conditions under which it can be terminated. It’s important to include provisions for ending the partnership amicably if things don’t work out.

6. Dispute Resolution: This section should outline how any disputes between partners will be resolved. It’s important to include clear guidelines for resolving conflicts in a constructive and fair manner.

By including these key components in your partnership agreement template, you can help ensure that your charity’s partnerships are structured for success. Consult with legal counsel before finalizing any partnership agreements to ensure that they are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

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